Flying High Again, LLC. Flight School is a member of the LifeStyle Aviation Network and is developing an enhanced modern fleet of aircraft.

Leaseback Opportunity - DA40
We have an opportunity for a pilot to own a Diamond DA40 that will be used in our fleet. We have selected the modern designed and built Diamond DA40 for its exceptional safety, performance, economy and success as a personal cruiser and for training use. This amazing aircraft features G1000 with WAAS and Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT).

Leaseback ownership can provide tax advantages while others pay for your aircraft. Contact us and we will have our leaseback specialists at LifeStyle Aviation consult with you.

This opportunity includes guaranteed income, personal access to the aircraft and potential tax advantages. If you are not familiar with the advantages of leaseback for aircraft ownership please contact us.

If you are interested in advertising Lease Back Opportunities, Please be in touch with LifeStyle Aviation about what aircraft models and their availability.

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